Learn more with iheart

If you have found this conference informative and helpful, there are several ways in which you can learn further with iheart and contribute towards our broader vision to improve the mental wellbeing and resilience of ourselves, our families and our youth.


Creating a Resilient Family 

This 10-part practical online course has been designed for all parents and carers who wish to learn how to develop psychologically healthy, resilient and thriving families. Over the course of 6 hours of downloadable material to be listened to in your own time, you will develop more confidence to make the best job in the world fun, light and full of joy by learning how to:

  • Deal with your own anxiety and guilt

  • Help your child who is being bullied – or who is the bully

  • Uncover your child’s innate confidence

  • Navigate conflict in your home by sharing the iheart instruction manual for creating a resilient family

Pre-order this course at the special Conference launch price of £49


Resilience for Life

This hands-on 25-hour/4-module introductory course gives you the foundations of the iheart approach for living a life of mental wellbeing and resilience. A dynamic blend of live online seminar days, recorded sessions, smaller group tutorials and additional resource materials take place over the course of 3 weeks, during which you will learn:

  • How our psychological system works and why it matters

  • What temporarily covers up wellbeing and how it gets uncovered again

  • To identify signposts that will let you know how you are doing and a compass to redirect you towards your innate wellbeing

  • How you can make wise, appropriate and responsive choices regarding your day-to-day challenges

Register your place at the special Conference price of £449 or email info@iheartprinciples.com for more information.


iheart Certified Facilitator Training

If you have been inspired by what you have heard during the conference and wish to learn how to share these profound messages with our youth, then this highly impactful training course –which has now produced 400+ facilitators from 17 counties – is for you. Over the course of 12 weeks/7 modules and 100+ hours of in-depth input, you will develop the knowledge, skills and proficiency to deliver the highly acclaimed and innovative iheart Resilience Curriculum to children and young people in educational settings.

Schedule a 1-1 interview to establish your suitability for the course or email jeremy@iheartprinciples.com  to receive more information.


Bring iheart to your child’s school and/or your community

The iheart programme has already been delivered to over 8000 young people, in 230 schools, educational organisations and youth projects on 4 continents. We adopt a whole school/institution approach to creating a culture of wellbeing and resilience across entire educational and community settings, so if you are a headteacher, educator, youth worker, parent or organisation/community leader, and would like to find out how iheart can support your environment, please email info@iheartprinciples.com for more information.